Friday, August 17, 2012

When your muscles seem to have minds of their own.... 

Have had this sitting on my browser for awhile. It's about a very common and very frustrating set of symptoms of fibromyalgia:

Muscle Twitching and Weakness

I have both problems. I have had unexplained weakness in my hands ever since my stroke-like episode in 1998. And uncontrollable muscle twitching, especially in my sleep, was one of my very first fibromyalgia symptoms. The most consistent problem is the muscles in my feet and calves; sometimes my husband will look at me when I'm sleeping and my toes are wiggling around like they are waving to him. I was diagnosed with periodic limb movement disorder in 2005 I think. But pretty much any muscle in my body develops a tic from time to time. When the weather is excessively hot and humid, I'll be twitching all over the place. Over time, the muscles become extremely fatigued and sore. It's quite a chore keeping them from being all knotted up all the time.

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