Monday, September 24, 2012

Do not robo-call! 

Despite being on Do Not Call lists, I keep getting robo-calls from the Romney campaign every few days begging for my money, like he needs it. This is because my husband and I are registered but unaffiliated voters, and they are hoping to coax us off the fence. The call I got on September 14 was the most offensive: it mentioned the deaths in Libya and accused Obama of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. At the end of the call, it said to press 9 to "unsubscribe", which is weird since I never subscribed to anything. And a few days ago, I started getting calls from the local politicians as well. I consider all the calls to be harassment.

I went on Facebook and complained about this, and my friend Valerie found this article for me:

Complaints about automated calls up sharply

....and that led to me digging around a bit and visiting the Federal Trade Commission site, where I found this article:


The infuriating fact is that political calls are perfectly legal. Right now, it's the national Romney campaign doing most of them, but I've gotten ones I'm pretty sure were sponsored by a PAC and/or affiliated campaigns. Every time an abortion issue goes on the ballot, I get a ton of calls about that too. Interestingly, the Democrats haven't been pestering me. The last call I got from the Obama camp was a week before the 2008 election. 

I also dislike all the charity calls, which are perfectly legal too. How do I know it's not a scam? Besides, if I had the extra cash to donate to a campaign or charity, I'd call THEM. I guess my best option is to stop answering the phone and let it go to voice mail. But then I'd have to start remembering to check my voice mail.

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