Sunday, September 02, 2012

Emotional baggage worth unpacking.... 

Got this from a fibromyalgia Facebook page. It's a better article than I was expecting given its title:

How to Forgive, and Why You Should

I've seen articles elsewhere with trendy platitudes that made forgiveness seem like something mandatory, easy and instantaneous. I have forgiven many people and situations in my life, but it could only happen at my discretion, on my timetable, and after I done some emotional work first. If you forgive when you're ready and for the right reasons, not just because someone thinks you should, it is truly liberating. Getting rid of grudges has contributed greatly to my mental and physical health. Emotional trauma did not cause my fibromyalgia (mine had a physical cause), but hanging on to real and/or imagined wrongs did make my fibromyalgia worse once it had begun. There is still one person in my life whom I have not fully forgiven, but she is a toxic individual and rebuffs my efforts, so I just keep a distance from her. But I can't let all the disappointments of my past ruin my present.

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