Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Exchanging info after an accident? Not so fast! 

Got this in the monthly newsletter for Suze Orman's identity protection program. Apparently, it is no longer recommended to provide your address, phone number or driver's license number to the other driver after a wreck:

Accidents Happen: Take steps to protect yourself, your property and your identity

My last accident was in 2006 in Denver, where the police do not respond to accidents unless there is serious damage or injury. As both were minor (although I am STILL experiencing neck problems related to that accident), I exchanged quite a lot of information knowing it would be my word against the other driver's. I had heard of incidents in town involving intentional collisions, but honestly, I was so rattled at that moment that I wasn't even thinking of the possibility. So tonight, I did myself a favor and printed out the pdf of the auto accident checklist provided in the above link. I will keep it in the glove box so that in the (I hope unlikely) event of another wreck, I will only take the steps that are really needed.

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