Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back before you knew I was gone.... 

Went on a short trip to my sister's (four hour drive each way) for Thanksgiving from Thursday to Saturday. My dad was there too; first time the three of us have been together for a holiday in at least seven years. Had a good time but will be paying for it for awhile.

It seemed especially important to make the effort to get together this year; there were two deaths in the family (my brother-in-law's grandmother and my stepbrother's mother-in-law) this month. We should never take for granted that we will always be able to see our loved ones. My nephews are three and five now.

We all went to the Strategic Air and Space Museum on Friday because there was a special exhibit about robots (I used my wheelchair). We had lunch afterward at a barbecue restaurant that was very accommodating to my gluten-free needs; I was able to get a plain steak, baked potato and a salad. And I sort of learned how to play a card game called Pitch, or at least I started comprehending the rules toward the end of our third and final game.

Upside of the hotel we stayed in: fridge and microwave for the food I brought from home, Jacuzzi tub, almost comfortable bed compared to most places. Downside: a "non-smoking room" with cigarette burns on the tub and curtains and a faint scent of cigarettes that left me with burning sinuses and throat by the end of my stay. I somehow forgot to bring my Tempur-pedic pillows with me, which my neck did not appreciate.

Doing the Flareville thing now. Started dozing off on the way home; good thing Dan was driving! Fell asleep twice more on the couch, then when it was finally time for bed, I crashed for 11 hours. Would have been more had Dan not helped me get up. Haven't been able to leave the house since Saturday afternoon, but I'd better get my act together tomorrow because I have a dentist's appointment. Pain level was excruciating on Saturday but has gradually come down; hope to be back to what passes for "normal" in a few more days.

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