Saturday, November 17, 2012

Before you gobble gobble.... 

Was asked what kind of turkey I could eat, so I did a search to find brand names. Here's a page from the Celiac.com forum with some useful info:

Thanksgiving turkeys that are gluten-free

When I've had Thanksgiving at home with just Dan and me, I have bought either Jennie-O or Honeysuckle White turkey breasts, which are very convenient since neither of us like dark meat. I throw away the gravy packet (those contain wheat) and roast the turkey without stuffing. We have baked potatoes in place of the stuffing, one other veggie, crustless pumpkin pie, and cranberry sauce (I eat maybe one bite of that because it's mostly sugar). Simple, and we generally don't overeat. There is usually enough leftover turkey for three more meals: turkey salad with apples and grapes, barbecued turkey in the crock pot, and turkey chili.

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