Friday, November 09, 2012

Do YOU have an electric personality? 

I belong, believe it or not, to a Facebook group called "SLIders (people who affect electronic devices just by being close to them)".  I found this article posted there:

Always Getting Zapped by Static Electricity? It's a Real Condition Called Bioelectricity, not Coincidence

I do experience this problem, although it has gotten less severe since I moved to a more humid climate. Still, two of my three watches currently do not work. When I lived in Denver, we had to keep a huge supply of light bulbs on hand to replace the ones that burned out every few weeks. The two street lamps nearest our house would go out frequently, and even though they were checked out and deemed to be safe, I would get zapped if I got too close to the one in our yard. I was really rough on computers at my job. On my worst day, I shorted out three hard drives in an hour! Another time, I was reaching for a tower drive to reboot it, and a visible spark went from the tower to my hand about three inches away! My co-worker saw it and said, "remind me never to tap you on the shoulder", heh heh.

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