Friday, November 09, 2012

When fibromyalgia pummels you.... 

Got this from a fibromyalgia Facebook page. This has suggestions for what to do on those days you're not quite sure you should get out of bed:

Feeling Like You've Been Hit by a Mack Truck: Morn

The two worst times of day for me are right when I wake up and then again at bedtime. Before I even open my eyes, the wonderful world of "ouch" greets me. Stiffness in my muscles and joints persists the first two hours or so of my day. Then I loosen up some and have a bit of energy. After lunch, the exhaustion starts increasing again, but if I am lucky, the pain will lag some until evening. Then, both slowly build until I am almost, but not quite, as bad as when I first woke up. Seems really depressing as I look at the description in typewritten form. But as it has been going on for 15 years, I am generally quite skilled at ignoring these things or at least distracting myself from them for a period of time. I lead what I consider to be a good life considering.

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