Sunday, December 30, 2012

Inspiration for the Day, December 30, 2012: 

This was part of the congregational prayer at my church this morning:

Now that the mad rush is over, O center of stillness and peace:
Now that the needles are falling from the tree,

We thank you that are still God-with-us.

As we face the year ahead, help us to accept the difficult parts of our lives;

Help us make the changes we must make; bring us to new places of openness and love toward you and the people around us; help us to overcome fears which keep us from fullness of life.

Be with each of us . . . each one with unique needs - whether we are in need of physical or emotional healing, in need of direction or guidance, in need of courage or hope.

As the frigid days of January and February draw near, help us to keep warm places alive with us, where we feel your peace.

As we face the year ahead, we thank you for one another and your grace made known in Jesus Christ.

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