Thursday, January 10, 2013

How acceptance can be part of becoming emotionally stronger.... 

From yet another fibromyalgia Facebook page. There are some good suggestions and philosophies here:

Living with Pain: You Can Learn to be Resilient

I like that this article doesn't push the "Law of Attraction" or "The Secret" at you, because with them you can fall into the trap that if negative things happen to you, you must be doing something wrong. I believe it is far better to realize that life will throw you curve balls, and when it does, you do have control over your reaction to them. Acknowledge the negative and then get right to work figuring out what if anything you can do about the situation. If you are already doing everything you can, try to derive satisfaction from that. One thing the article doesn't mention that I would add: the gift of time. When chronic pain first arrives, it is difficult to imagine you will survive it, particularly when it is severe enough to become life-changing. But time gives you the proof that pain is indeed survivable, and it allows you the luxury of developing coping skills.

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