Saturday, January 05, 2013

Itching: a shortcut to insanity? 

Ah, the joys of ultra-sensitive skin. Educational visit to the dermatologist: found out that I have two kinds of rash going on, and that I am allergic to the lotion that I had been prescribed to treat the rashes! The result is spots, redness like sunburn and extremely intense itching on my arms, legs and trunk. Was prescribed a stronger steroid cream to clear things up and a different kind of lotion to discourage further flare-ups; I hope these work quickly because at the moment, I'd almost sell my soul to quit itching. It's agony just to have clothing touching my skin.

One my chronic skin problems has a weird name: Grover disease. It mostly occurs in men, but anyone with autoimmune conditions that affect the skin can get it, especially if you have chronic dermatitis. I found a few links about it:

Am reallllly dragging right now, but am sort of afraid to try to sleep because that's when I start scratching. Maybe I should put socks on my hands like they do with kids who have chicken pox? My life can be truly ironic.

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