Friday, January 04, 2013

Should I resolve not to resolve? 

Toni Bernhard's latest article for Psychology Today. Made me smile:

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions Nobody Will Keep

I didn't make an official list this year. There is only one item that wasn't fully addressed last year that I wish to carry over into this one: I still want to get the credit cards paid off. I had hoped this would happen by now, but medical bills and car repairs got in the way. I do have three of five cards paid off, which is real progress, but the balance on the one I use to pay for my prescriptions is very high. At the most optimistic, I could pay it off by summer, IF there are no more financial emergencies. As that is not something I can promise myself, my strategy is this: make the biggest payments I can before summer. Right now, I just have small co-pays for most of my medications, but I will hit the doughnut hole probably in May, and that's when our finances get strained. As with any resolution, it is preferable to do your best than to expect to be perfect.

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