Sunday, January 13, 2013

The hazards of over-sharing.... 

Have had this sitting on my browser for awhile. Got it from one of the fibromyalgia Facebook pages:

Talking to Your Partner about Symptoms: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Perhaps I'm lucky that I've been sick so long that I finding talking to my husband about it constantly to be a boring exercise. I generally mention it when I am feeling worse than usual and/or when he asks me about it. I also say something if a symptom I experiencing is going to interfere with something we are planning to do, because it would be rude not to. Fortunately, Dan can usually tell just by looking at me that I am too exhausted to continue with something, so when we are out in public, he knows if it's time to take me home.

I must also say something in favor of online support groups. You don't have to risk your health or energy levels to participate, and you can blather away about every little symptom to your heart's content because that's what they are there for (although it is also nice if you offer support in return). By having outlets besides your significant other, you are still fulfilling your need to be heard and be taken seriously without overwhelming those you love.

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