Saturday, February 02, 2013

The biggest fibromaylgia "cure" scam of all time.... 

This is a companion piece to previously posted article about fibromyalgia treatment scams. Got it from the same Facebook page:

Consumer Alert - Guaifenesin

I know people who claimed to be cured by this stuff and pushed me pretty hard to try it. Part of the reason so many fall for it is the nonsense that if you get worse, it means the "toxins" are leaving your body, not that it is failing to cure you. Or if it doesn't work, you are told you must have ingested one of the long list of substances that supposedly negate the effectiveness of guaifenesin. I didn't bother trying it for fibromyalgia because it made me so sick when I was prescribed it for bronchitis in 1997 a couple of months prior to the onset of the fibromyalgia. My reaction to the guaifenesin may have in fact been a trigger for either the Sjogren's, the fibromyalgia or both. It gave me raging insomnia, uncontrollable racing thoughts, tremors and body-wide twitching. Not exactly a cure for anything.

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