Thursday, February 28, 2013

(Un)seize the day! 

Have had this useful article sitting on my browser for awhile now. Probably came from one of the fibromyalgia Facebook pages:

7 Easy Ways Of Preventing Toe Cramps

Have become an expert on this particular subject because my feet have been twitching uncontrollably in my sleep for the past 16 years, causing horrible muscle spasms. If my usual preventive measures are unsuccessful, I have ways of treating foot cramps. First, if I feel my foot starting to spasm, I quickly stretch the affected muscles in the opposite direction of the way they are cramping. If several muscles in the foot seize up at once, I get out of bed and place the foot flat on the floor, then walk slowly in an exaggerated fashion to give each muscle a chance to move to a normal position. If that doesn't help, I put a thick layer of extra strength Icy Hot on the foot and wrap it in a towel. For some reason, the menthol provides enough of a sensation distraction that the foot will relax. On those occasions where every muscle below the knee cramps up at once (which, believe me, is EXCRUCIATING), I fill the bathtub with the hottest water I can stand and dump a ton of epsom salts into it, then soak the affected muscles while massaging them underwater. Then I haul my butt back to bed and pray for sleep.

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