Saturday, March 16, 2013

Overdoing it without knowing you're overdoing it.... 

Have had this item on my browser for awhile. Got it from one of the various fibromaylgia Facebook pages:

Post-Exertional Malaise: When The Other Shoe Drops

Recently, I've been experiencing a great deal of NON-exertional malaise. On Sunday night, I crashed big time on the couch for two hours, went to bed at the normal time and slept 11 more hours. Couldn't leave the house Monday, mostly stuck in bed or on the couch barely awake. Tuesday afternoon, I awoke to the worst sore throat in decades. Congestion followed that evening. Wednesday I called the doctor because the cough and fluid in my ears was getting bad. Started a z-pack and felt better Thursday. But the exhaustion has not yet let up one bit. Sigh.

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