Friday, May 10, 2013

Every little bit helps.... 

Another helpful article hanging around on my browser for a considerable period of time. I'm guessing it came from one of the fibromyalgia Facebook pages:

6 Anti-Inflammatory Foods That Work The Same Way As Aspirin And NSAIDs

I currently am on the maximum dose of a prescription anti-inflammatory, and it still isn't quite enough, so I do several of the foods on this list in varying amounts. I drink green tea every day with a small amount of ginger in it. People consume ginger to settle their stomachs, but for me, that can be a bad thing as too much of it can aggravate my gastroparesis. I also have to limit how much flax seed I eat because that can give me reflux. I did find a good quality high potency fish oil supplement that does not bother my digestion and take that daily with some success.

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