Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Become your own researcher..... 

Another Toni Bernhard article. In this one, she interviews the author of a book about taking daily notes about your medical condition to chart what helps, what doesn't, and what progress you have made:

Use “Paintracking” to Help Manage Chronic Pain

I did this for a few years after I was initially diagnosed; in fact, if you go to my earliest posts on this blog, they include daily ratings on pain and fatigue. I no longer do this because I have been sick enough years to generally be able to predict what these levels will be based upon factors such as how much sleep I got, whether I leave the house that day, whether I attempt something I don't tolerate well like housecleaning, or excessively cold or hot weather. But even after 16 years, I still learn new things about myself like, if I overdo it physically resulting in muscle spasms, I might be able to prevent or at least reduce the severity of a flare by putting ice on the affected area immediately. I have also learned that this only works if I refrain from repeating that excessive activity for at least three days.

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