Monday, August 12, 2013

Ack! ANOTHER phone scam attempt! 

This is the THIRD time I've gotten calls, including tonight, claiming to be Mac from Microsoft tech support, wanting me to given them information from my computer (even though I don't use Microsoft). This guy sounded like he was from a call center in India because I could hear other voices in the background, the connection was bad, and he had a heavy accent. He did know my name even though he couldn't pronounce it properly, and unfortunately, I did confirm my name because at first I thought he might be a legitimate caller. But he got nothing else out of me except my usual recitation that my number doesn't accept solicitations and to remove my name from his list. He kept talking, though, and I hung up. I tried *69, but it could not detect the number from which the scammer was calling.

Here is an article from the FTC about this type of scam:

Tech Support Scams

So please spread the word, and don't believe a person is from tech support unless you've called them yourself.

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