Monday, August 12, 2013

The curse of sleeplessness.... 

From "But You Don't Look Sick", written three years ago. This puts you inside the head of someone with chronic illness who has insomnia:

It is 5am. It’s a horrible, ugly hour to wake up, not yet morning, not quite night. Painsomnia?

I have many factors working against my ability to get restorative sleep. One is periodic limb movement disorder, where I twitch all night. Another is pain; it is quite an ordeal to get comfortable to drift off at the proper time. Then there is the tinnitus, the night sweats, and the lack of stage 4 sleep inherently caused by fibromyalgia. So I must rely on a high dose of generic Ambien to knock me out each night to even hope for something that resembles quality rest.

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