Monday, December 02, 2013

Inspiration for the Day, December 2, 2013: 

Oh Please, Oh Please

My bunion aches, my shoulder's lame,
My eyes are dry and tired.
My get up and go got up and went,
If the boss walks in, I may be fired.
Oh golly, oh gosh, oh gee, oh my,
Will this day never end?
Home at last.
The sink is piled with dishes high,
The house is all a-scramble,
With jacket here, shoes over there,
And newspapers all a-shambled.
Will someone here, oh please oh please,
Give this old gal a break?
Clean up the mess, your own plus some,
It would my whole day make!
You're busy, I know, I'm busy too,
Let's pull in this team together,
A half hour a day would do it I'd say
And keep me from getting MORE MADDER!

- Marion Serr

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