Saturday, December 07, 2013

Inspiration for the Day, December 7, 2013: 

Let Me Not Judge

Let me not judge, oh God, not judge,
Till I've walked in his or her shoes a way.
Give me the wisdom, the love, the grace,
To choose the right words,
The time, the place.
The gentle touch that means so much to troubled hearts full of anguish,
Let not the day pass, oh Lord, without a gentle touch and a word to soothe that troubled heart.
I too have troubles both big and small that seem sometimes overwhelming.
I am tired and cross and sometimes at a loss until I remember, in giving, I am getting.
I'm hurting today dear God. Words were unkindly spoken by thoughtless folks
Who haven't walked in my shoes a way.
What do I do Lord, what do I do?
The answer came softly, "Love, love." But I hurt too much!
Love, ah yes, LOVE!
That mystical, wonderful phenomenon, LOVE,
Has healed many a heart.
It permeates the soul and radiates apart.
Like a mirrored pond when a pebble drops upon it.

- Marion Serr

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