Monday, December 09, 2013

Inspiration for the Day, December 9, 2013: 

Why Are We So Driven?

Why are we so driven
As tho' all depended on us?
The earth will in its orbit be
And a zillion stars still twinkle
At our absurdity.
Slow down, step back, relax.
Look at where you're going.
Look back to where you've been.
Take a deep breath, whisper a prayer,
And step outside your skin.
Do you see it now?
The futility of the treadmill,
The frenetic, frantic fretting
That forever leads us on and on,
Forever going - never getting!
Whisper a prayer.
Now step inside your skin
With new found peace, your heart at ease...
Walk hand in hand with Him.

- Marion Serr

this was so nice ! peaceful mind mainly means to have the minimum amount of thoughts, avoiding compulsive thinking.
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