Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The media's impaired....by lack of sense..... 

Came across this whilst intending to do something else (I forget what). I guess the perception of disability in Australia has as many controversies as it does in the States:

It's the lack of a permit, NOT that they don't 'appear' disabled.

Certainly, I've seen abuses of the disabled parking spaces, like when a drug rep uses one so she doesn't have to wheel her little suitcases of samples very far, or when a monster pickup is parked on the wheelchair grid and with the engine running so the driver won't be inconvenienced by having to start it up again. Neither of those inconsiderate people was using a permit, and they had taken the last available handicapped spaces so that I was out of luck. But then again, I know people who really should be getting a permit because they are legitimately disabled, but they are so fearful of confrontation by healthy folks that they forego the placard and either have to hike in from the far end of the lot or just not go anywhere because they can't handle the extra walking involved. Remember, disability can happen at any age to anyone.

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